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Over and Over

“And over and over the wind will sing as it blows around the eaves. Sweet dreams, the world is whispering, as I tuck you in for sleep.”


In a world marked by uncertainty, this reassuring tale celebrates the gentle rituals that ground a child’s day.


Over And Over follows a young girl and her father as they enjoy life’s simple everyday pleasures — from sitting down for breakfast to gazing at the clouds to counting the stars before lying down to sleep.


With poetic storytelling and captivating imagery, each page honours the calming magic of togetherness and the comforts in routine.


This classic children’s book is a beautiful bedtime read to soothe anxious feelings and strengthen the bond with a child.

With its gentle rhymes, this illustrated book honours the daily routines that help a child feel safe within the world.

The book’s main characters highlight a touching bond between father and daughter.


  • Hard cover
  • Printed with soy and metallic inks
  • Made from FSC paper (from responsible sources)
  • Size: 25.7cm x 25.5cm (32 pages)
  • Written by: M.H. Clark
  • Illustrated by: Beya Rebai
  • Made by: Compendium
  • Printed in: China

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