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Game – Charades for Kids - Card Game

Here's a great game for the whole family!

Take it in turns to act out the picture for the other players - and whoever guesses what's on the card wins it!

The large icons make it easy for non-readers to join the fun.

Actions and noises are allowed – but no words! The first person to collect 3 cards wins the game.

Added bonus: the cards can also be used as flash cards.

Includes 50 cards split into 5 colour-coded categories: Everyday Objects, Animals, On the Go, Jobs, and Food

Keep the kids entertained on school holidays, whilst travelling, on cold or rainy days, and disconnect from technology.

Perfect for ages 3+.


  • Made from FSC paper (from responsible sources)
  • Size: 9cm X 12.5cm X 5cm
  • Made by: Chronicle Books
  • Printed in: China

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